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Blank, the new style hub in the city of Riyadh opened its doors in 2010. We are trend-setters and offer our clientele a vision of fashion and new and forward thinking.

Blank excels in proposing a selection of local and international designers distributed over two floors that carry different elements of fashion. The strength of this exclusive fashion hotspot resides in the importance given to the background of each and every brand, hence providing not only beautiful items but also the story behind them.

We aim at assembling a sharp-edged selection of contemporary designers to address the modern and elegant women of all ages and offer a comfortable yet chic wardrobe that can accompany our esteemed clientele from daytime to evening through offering the trendy, the stylish, the chic and most eccentric designs.

Apart from world-renowned creators, every season highlights new talent in the fashion industry.

Emerging brands or recognized designers work together towards allowing each client to imagine and create their own unique look whilst anticipating future trends.

We are delighted to invite you to join us in our mesmerizing journey through the inspiring world of fashion where we indulge, please, incite and fulfill the most defiant and immense fashion needs.